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Electric actuators have been with us for some time but what is the purpose of units such as this?

It's a good question and in many industries Electric actuators are used to control automation processes within industrial valves. Reliability is a key issue that has to be considered when you are choosing new Electric actuators. Plenty of trust is placed in this item of equipment and quality has to be assured from leading stockists of products of this nature. Many units have to work in extreme conditions and they have to be waterproof as a result. The designs of actuators can incorporate anti-corrosive casings to help combat this problem.

What features can you find on Electric actuators?

This might vary depending on the make and model of the unit. Some come with manual overrides and status lights, along with plug and play capabilities. One useful feature that does come in handy is an external wiring diagram and updated versions of Electric actuators often come with this as standard. Engineers working on site should find the modern versions of Electric actuators easy to install compared to the units of old.

Different types of Electric actuators

A number of versions are available and two of the most common types are ball valve and butterfly Electric actuators. Within each sub-category further choices can be made in relation to the Electric actuators and it's possible to select 2 way and 3 way units to cater for a client's demands. With so many variations of actuators on the market at the moment choice is never lacking.

Suppliers of Electric actuators

Are easy to come by and clients looking for replacement products, or new items that are ready for installation, can call on the experience and years of wisdom that tried and tested companies can provide. Technical product knowledge is often useful if you need new Electric actuators but expert advice can always be sought if you get stuck. Certain companies can proudly boast they have many years experience in the supply of Electric actuators. It's this kind of company that you should be looking for when you need new units.
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Electric Actuators

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This article was published on 2010/10/07