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Electric and hybrid cars are quickly becoming more and more accessible to the public. They efficiently use gas, stretching it further than ever before, and emit fewer pollutants than previous hybrid generations. But how do they work? Are they worth the investment? EnviroCitizen.org and millions of people around the world believe so!

These hybrid autos have become a green symbol in the current environmental movement. The cars combine the efforts of a battery-powered electric motor with a combustion engine, creating smaller amounts of greenhouse emissions. The car is then able to have a much smaller gasoline engine, making them much more fuel efficient. The electrical batteries in these cars do not need to be plugged in to recharge! They simply recharge themselves as the car is used, just like traditional cars. The batteries capture the kinetic energy that is created when the brakes are used. Some hybrids differ, using the energy created by the combustion engine which generate electricity by spinning the electrical generator.

There are two types of green electric autos—full hybrids and mild hybrids. Full hybrids allow both the gasoline engine and the electric motor to power the auto. This allows the vehicle to shut down the gas engine when stopped, allowing for car to start and drive on electrical power only. Mild hybrids use the electric motor to boost the performance of the gas engine when it is in need of extra power. Mild hybrids use a stop-start system, which shuts the gas engine off at an idle, then instantly stars up again when the accelerator is touched.

There are many manufacturers making electric green autos. Several of EnviroCitizen.org's favorites are: Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Lexus GS 450h, Lexus LS 600h L, Saturn Aura Green Line and Nissan Altima. The Honda Insight has been retired, but many remain on the road. Additionally, there are five hybrid SUVs and minivans available: Toyota Highlander, Lexus RX 400h, Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner and Saturn Vue Green Line. Many more are being developed and will be on the market in the next few years.

The right hybrid a choice differs from person to person based on their needs, monetary options and future plans. It is very important to do research before purchasing an electric green auto. EnviroCitizen.org is a big fan of hybrids, which is why we have a list of electric green auto manufacturers that make some truly amazing, extremely efficient hybrid cars, SUVs and minivans.

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Electric Green Auto

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This article was published on 2010/09/17