Electric Mobility Scooters - Advantages Revealed

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Scientific developments and technological advancements in all avenues of life have become so prolific that each day witnesses a multitude of inventions and innovations/novelties for the benefit of mankind. Such innovations have not only made life easier for the young and healthy, but also for those who are physically incapacitated / indisposed owing to various ailments. It is, therefore, because of such gadgets/novelties that blind, crippled, and deaf & dumb are able to make their lives worth living to a considerable extent, even if not fully.

One such recent innovation is the electric mobility scooter, which has made it possible for the elderly and even those affected with paralytic stroke or morbid hardening of the arteries of the lower limbs to move from one place to another with comparative ease. The freedom of movement provided by these battery operated and easily maneuverable vehicles is something commendable. Looking to the plight of the physically handicapped persons a few years back - who could only move around on their manually operated wheel-chairs in a limited space and that too, if they had strong arms to move the wheels - the advent of the electric mobility scooter certainly appears to be more of a miracle.

Here are some of the advantages of an electric mobility scooter:

Cheap to Operate & Maintain:

Electric mobility scooters are cheaper to operate and are practically maintenance free as they are run by rechargeable batteries. Such batteries can be easily charged after a couple of hours of driving with the help of the built-in charger by connecting the provided plug to your household electricity outlet. In comparison, the gasoline run motors are likely to encounter engine problems, require regular maintenance and are, therefore, expensive to operate.

Independence for the Elderly & Disabled:

Electric mobility scooters are comfortable to sit in and easy to operate. They are ideal for elderly people, those handicapped (who could be young or old) and even those with obesity problem (up to 250 pounds) to move about with ease and confidence. Such scooters are either 3 wheelers or 4 wheelers depending upon the roads, grounds and pavements on which they are to operate. 4 wheelers are usually suitable for operation in areas with uneven roads and pavements.


Electric scooters are virtually noiseless and have an additional advantage of not emitting any poisonous gas, such as, carbon monoxide-which the gasoline operated vehicles do. Electric scooters are, therefore, ideal for maintaining peaceful environment of places like the malls, airports and even within the homes.

Require Little or No Effort to Use:

To move about in a manual wheel chair from one place to another, the operator must be endowed with strong arms to achieve his/her objective and in some cases, the experience could be quite tiring/exhausting. Electric mobility scooters have found solution to this problem and even people with feeble physical constitution can now operate them with relative ease.

Environmentally Friendly:

The electric mobility scooters are ideally environmentally friendly as they are operated on batteries and are, therefore, both noise free and pollution free.
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Electric Mobility Scooters - Advantages Revealed

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This article was published on 2011/02/19